In the conventional method of solar energy, the solar panels are arranged on the ground to harness solar energy. The major drawback in this arrangement is that the vast stretches of valuable land are wasted.

Solar power tree is a tree like structure where the solar panels are arranged at an elevation. The tree occupies only 4 Sq. ft of land. The ground below the solar panels can be utilised for any purpose like horticulture, gardening, etc.

The solar power tree can also be erected on the roof of buildings. These may be erected as extension of the columns with the approval of building engineer. If erected on the roof, the terrace below the solar panels is free to be used as usual.

All the solar panels are exposed to the sun without any shadow effect from other panels.

As the solar panels are arranged at elevation, the shadow from neighbouring buildings in the morning and evening may be avoided; hence 10% more power will be generated from solar power trees.

The solar power trees can be used for powering agriculture pump sets.

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Solar power trees are designed to withstand wind pressure of 180 kms/ hr. We can customize the design with higher wind speed.

All steel components are grit blasted to SA 2.5 Standard and metalized with pure zinc wire and painted with four coats of paint. This process will prevent atmospheric corrosion of steel components for the entire life span of 25 years.

Water Sprinkler is fixed on top of the solar power tree to clean the solar panels.

The solar panels and other power equipments will be procured from MNRE approved Tier 1 companies.